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Punita Srivastava

HELLO! My name is Punita Srivastava. I'm a nutritionist and diabetes educator. I write blogs and articles. I councel and moivate clients so that they stick to their healthy lifestyle. I also work with clients on providing diet on all kinds of lifestyle diseases like diabetes mellitus type I & II, hypertension, PCOD, thyroid, weight loss, weight gain, menopause, gym diet, hostel or pg diet, pre and post marriage/events, face glow, skin dryness, wrinkles removing,bariatric surgery, Renal or kidney diseases, liver diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, acidity or gastritis, ulcer, headaches or migraines, spondilities, varocose veins, hair fall, low vitamin D & B12, body pain or knee pain, cancer, Sinus, asthama, high cholesterol and triglycerides, stones, high uric acid, detox diet, lactose intolrance, celiac diseases, south indian, north indian, maharashtrian, gujrati, bengali, odissa, nigerian, etc. Aside from these I am obessed with music and fitness. My lifelong hero is Bill gates. My daily mantra is : "It's never late to start anything". Looking for something to read? Go to blogs. Have a queries or ways to loose weight, you want to discuss? Go to services. Please enjoy my website until it’s not fun anymore. Sign up with your emails. Thank you for visiting!

Education & Tranings

  • 2008 - 2011 M.sc in clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
  • 2004 - 2008 B.sc in clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Professional Experience

  • 2014 - till Indraprastha Apollo hospital, New Delhi
  • 2011 - 2014 St. John medical college and hospital, Bangalore
  • Specializations

    • Weight Loss Nutrition Therapy
    • Weight Gain Nutritional Consultancy
    • Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes
    • Medical nutrition therapy and lifestyle interventions
    • Post Pregnancy Nutrition Consultancy
    • Pregnancy Nutrition Counseling
    • Wedding Nutrition Advice to Look Good
    • Body Building Transformation Guide
    • PCOS/PCOD Nutrition Therapy
    • Diabetes Medical Nutrition Therapy
    • Anti-Aging Nutrition Consultancy
    • Hypertension Nutrition Therapy
    • Nutrition Consultancy to treat Acid Reflux
    • Lifestyle Changes for Menopause
    • Nutrition Counseling for IBS and Digestion Issue
    • Lifestyle Modification for Boost Energy Level Including Diet Plans
    • Lifestyle Changes to Manage Arthritis Pain
    • Nutritional Therapy for Skin Care
    • Antenatal Nutrition Counselling
    • Thyroid Nutrition Therapy
    • Obesity Medical Nutrition Therapy
    • Renal Disease Nutrition Therapy
    • Lifestyle Modifications for Lipid Disorders
    • Nutritional Management of Kidney Stones
    • Nutrition Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
    • Nutrition Counseling for the Elderly
    • Nutrition Management of Celiac Disease

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    We are here to celebrate your success at every step and to motivate you for the more.

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    • Address: Indraprastha Apollo hospital, sarita vihar , new delhi
    • Phone: 1800-8890-657
    • Email: punitanutritionist@gmail.com


    HELLO! My name is Punita Srivastava. I'm a nutritionist and diabetes educator. I write blogs a

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